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Service Staff Pin

Service Staff Pin

The Service Staff PIN feature enhances security and accountability in your sales process.

When enabled, it prompts the user adding sales to enter a PIN code of the service staff when they are selected for a sale.

This document explains how to set up and use the Service Staff PIN feature.

Enabling Service Staff PIN:

  1. In add/edit users screen check the “Enable service staff pin” checkbox
  2. Once enabled, a field for entering the Staff PIN will be displayed. This PIN code is required for the service staff to access the Point of Sale (POS) screen.

Using the Service Staff PIN during sells:

  1. First, Enable service staff feature
  2. On the POS or Sales screen, you will see a dropdown menu with a list of service staff members that can be selected for a sale.
  3. When you select a service staff member, a popup modal will appear, requesting the entry of the PIN code.
  4. If the correct PIN code is entered, the selected service staff member will be associated with the sale.
  5. If an incorrect PIN code is provided, the selection of the service staff will not be allowed. You will need to choose a service staff member again to proceed.


  1. It’s important to distinguish between the PIN code and the login password; they serve different purposes.
  2. Each service staff member has a unique PIN code, ensuring individual accountability and security.
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