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Ezisc is a brand of The Web Fosters. We are committed to providing the Best quality Application which helps you to simplify your business.



  • HMS (Hotel Management System) module for EZIPOS69.00$ – 79.00$
  • Urgent Support35.00$ – 125.00$
  • AI Assistant module for EZIPOS49.00$ – 69.00$
  • SpreadSheet module for EZIPOS19.00$ – 49.00$
  • Accounting & BookKeeping module for EZIPOS69.00$ – 90.00$
  • EZIPOS – CMS (Content management system) Module29.00$ – 49.00$
  • Asset Management module for EZIPOS39.00$ – 49.00$
  • EZIPOS Android Mobile app29.00$ – 169.00$
  • REST API Module for EZIPOS39.00$ – 49.00$
  • CRM module for EZIPOS49.00$ – 59.00$

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Point of Sale Management System (Web) for a new point of sale (POS) system, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. There are hundreds of options online, each boasting all sorts of features. It can leave you asking yourself, “What do I really need? What extras will help me grow?”

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