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Cash Denomination

What is cash denomination?

Cash denominations are usually different cash tender used in your country.  With this feature, cashiers can easily calculate the total amount they have when closing the register by mentioning the number of different tended they have.

Enabling cash denomination

  1. Go to business settings -> Settings
  2. POS tab
  3. Cash Denomination field, here enter the comma-separated cash denominations you’ll like to have

Using cash denomination

When a cashier closes the cash register it will ask to enter the count of each cash denomination. On entering total amount will be automatically calculated.

This count can be viewed from the Report -> Cash Register report by viewing any register.

Cash denomination in Sale and Purchase:

Cash denominations can be added while making a sale or purchase. To enable this Go to Settings -> Payment.

Select the screens in which you need the cash denomination and type of payment method.

The cash denomination table will be shown while you make a sale or purchase in add sale/add purchase screen.

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