The simpler, safer way to pay and get paid.

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The simpler, safer way to pay and get paid.

In every point of sale.

All our comprehensive POS systems come with some fundamental features that are valuable for any business type.

Easily accept all kinds of payments, including contactless.

Take orders online or over the phone, and manage pickup and delivery directly in the POS system.

Connect with Square hardware for easy, built-in payment processing.

Integrate with an entire suite of Square tools designed to help small businesses and big companies alike.

Point of sale

Transform your smartphone or tablet into an easy to use point-of-sale

  • Issue printed or electronic receipts
  • Apply discounts and issue refunds
  • Keep recording sales even when offline
  • Connect a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer
  • Connect Saasland Customer Display app

Sales analytics

Your point of sale data is data collected by a business when a transaction happens. On a micro scale this includes any checkout at a retail store, handheld POS hardware and even QR or barcode scanners from apps.POS software within POS hardware is where the data magic really happens.
It is literally the point at which your data collection starts and the foundation for any other data that you collect, whether passively, or as you increase engagement with your customers, actively.

Employee management

Employees — whether they’re bartenders, masseurs, or rodeo clowns — do the work that keeps you in business, and your job as a manager, supervisor, director, owner, etc., is to make sure everyone’s doing their jobs and doing them well. Your responsibility is to hire, train, and retain the best of the best, filtering out the fast-talking, smart-alecky ne’er-do-wells in the process.
It’s the name of the game, and thousands of companies have spent boatloads of flaming research funds trying to crack the secret to maximizing employee productivity and minimizing turnover. Unfortunately, the businesses that have managed to uncover the secret key to employee whispering seem less-than-willing to give it up, and the rest of us can’t afford to figure it out for ourselves.

CRM and customer loyalty

Turn once-in-a-while shoppers into regulars

  • Build your customer base
  • View customer purchase history to provide personalized service
  • Run loyalty program to reward customers for their recurring purchases
  • Keep notes on valuable customer preferences

Multi-store management

Grow your business from one to hundreds of stores

  • Compare performance of your stores
  • Manage items, employees and customers across multiple locations with a single account

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Point of Sale Management System (Web) for a new point of sale (POS) system, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. There are hundreds of options online, each boasting all sorts of features. It can leave you asking yourself, “What do I really need? What extras will help me grow?”

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